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Critical Illness

Give you and your loved ones peace of mind

Your Critical Illness policy offers you the flexibility to custom design a plan to fit your individual needs. Better yet, that flexibility can offer you superior first-day protection when you and your family need it the most. With a Critical Illness policy, it's your plan, your cash, your choices.

  • Heart Attack

  • Stroke

  • ​Coma

  • Major Third-Degree Burns

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

  • Major Organ Transplant

  • Paralysis

  • Kidney Failure​

  • Cancer

  • Alzheimer's Disease

A Claim Example

(For example purposes only -- not an actual case)

Joe purchased a policy with a $1,000 Monthly Income Benefit, a $5,000 Monthly Facility Benefit and an 18 Month Benefit Period. Joe had a stroke and was able to stay at home for 3 months. Then his care needs progressed and he was admitted into a nursing home for 15 months.

  • First 3 months at home - Joe chooses a lump sum payout of $18,000 (18 months x $1,000)

  • Next 15 Months in a Nursing Home - $5,000/ month for 15 months equals $75,000

Total Benefits Paid For This Claim: $93,000

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