Major Medical Coverage for the individual or family. A major medical health insurance plan is a type of that provides benefits for a broad range of inpatient and outpatient health services. 


Affordable choice

Healthy and don't want to spend the extra money for a major medical plan, but want to be covered for major medical expenses. 

This plan pays a daily benefit amount for services, which include:

  • Inpatient Benefit

  • Surgery Benefit

  • Hospital Admission Benefit

  • Doctor's Office visit

  • Outpatient Medical Benefit

  • Emergency or Urgent care



Finding a health care option that meets your budget, values, and performs during a time of need is possible! Here are just a few reasons why Medi-Share is leading the health care sharing ministry!

  • Proven

  • Easy to use

  • Open enrollment does not apply

  • No limits on sharing

  • Maternity included

  • Offers provider choice

  • Member perks at no additional cost