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Medicare Advantage Part C. Medicare Advantage is managed care that combines Part A, Part B, and usually Part D. Medicare oversees private insurers who manage your coverage. These plans may offer benefits beyond Original Medicare. The plans are usually Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) with provider networks to help manage costs.

You may prefer a Medicare Advantage Plan if you:

  • Prefer a low or no monthly premium 

  • Are interested in additional benefits like dental, vision or hearing services


  • Are used to, or don't mind, using a plan's network of providers if required

  • Do not see the doctor too often and are OK with paying a copay for an office visit if it keeps your monthly premium low

  • Like all your benefits in one plan with one premium

  • Want your prescription drug coverage included as a plan benefit

  • Like the convenience of the paln managing all your benefits, paperwork and premiums

  • Want to reduce your out-of-pocket costs


A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan helps to fill the gaps in Original Medicare. It does not include prescription drug coverage so you may want to add a Part D plan to complete your coverage if you choose this option. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are generally accepted by any provider that accepts Medicare.

You may prefer a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan if you:

  • Want flexibility when choosing your providers

  • Frequently go to the doctor and need to keep the cost of office visits low

  • Would rather pay a higher monthly premium and keep your out-of-pocket costs low

  • Travel a lot

  • Have chronic medical needs 

  • Are willing to enroll in a separate prescription drug plan

  • Don't mind keeping track of multiple plans, paperwork and premiums (Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, and Prescription Drug Plan)



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